You will only ever see the dark side, if that’s what you choose to see.


Another post, just a quick one, I’m using blogging as a distraction break from study right now! I should, if all goes to plan, have my last English exam tomorrow, the one i’ve dreaded most.. it comes in 3 parts so reading, which i have passed, speaking and listening which is pretty self explanatory, although doing a presentation in front of people is pretty nerve racking.. pretty sure my nerves took over in some parts, but the majority of it went well.. then tomorrow writing.. sounds easy enough, but when you’re faced with a blank canvas and told to write at least 250 words and there is 2 parts (2 different questions) with an hour to do .. it’s hard believe me and you need proof reading time.. not something i’m the best at because i know what i meant to write so i just read what is suppose to be there esp if rushed!!

Anyway.. that is what’s going on with me today pretty much but i won’t bore you with anymore talk for now plenty more posts in the future to do that.. lol

SL wise another post from Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 and some more free gifts from Shiny Shabby

I know my pictures are on a blank canvas at mo, not sure this is a permanent thing, more just a time saving thing for now.. as anyone who has or does blog sl fashion knows just finding the perfect location can be just as time consuming as the shopping in laggy sims and actually making a look!

Enjoy I will be back soonish, Exams, stuff to do and my inventory surprise surprise is still a mess lol x

You will only ever see the dark side, if that's what you choose to see. Hair: Aimee 02 Mina @ @ Shiny Shabby (Gift)

Skin: Galathea Med 02 Essences

Shape: My own (For Sale here)

Lipstick: Annamaria Blackberry MUA  @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016  

Nails: Stiletto nails Silver/Black Formanails @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

Eyepatch:  Cutie Heart Eyepatch DirtyStories @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

Tattoo:  Live Your Life  PMS (Pimp my shit)

Outfit:  Izzie – Black Apple May Designs @ Shiny Shabby (Gift)

Shoes: Naomi Boots (Black) Dita Couture @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

Pose: Sheer Class 3 Image Essentials @ The Hipster Fair ( Feb 22nd – 7th March) sheer class_003

Can’t wait for spring.

Hello all!

I’m pre blogging before i said i would but one of the very few blogger groups i’m still in currently is Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 by Siren productions, so i wanted to do my fair share and show what i can.. It’s running Feb. 26th-March 5th, 2016, It’s a fun event with fashion shows and parties throughout the duration!

This look made me feel so springy, i really can not wait for it to start getting warmer, I actually looked up that spring (in the UK) officially starts March 20th, so not long now.. just hope it warms up fast, this winter has felt very long!

I won’t bore you with too much talk, nearly bedtime for me! Zumba in the morning😀 Enjoy the look and i will be back soon!

Skyla x

Can't wait for spring. Hair:  Lena .Entwined.  @ Shiny Shabby

Skin: Galathea Med 02 Essences

Shape: My own (For Sale here)

Earrings: Sally Jewelry Bliensen + Maitai @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

Nails:  Mosaic Tiles Slink Moondance  @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

Outfit: Spring sweater with skirt (Rose) Zenith @ Shiny Shabby

Shoes: Congo (Peach) Essenz  @ Shiny Shabby (GIFT)

Bag: Aurora Satchel Lavian&Co @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

Pose: Clutch 3 Mirrored Image Essentials @ The Hipster Fair ( Feb 22nd – 7th March) sheer class_005

Where have you been?!

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been ages, but i wanted to let you all know that i haven’t forgotten you or given up blogging completely!

I have been having a break, after 3 years non stop blogging, i was due a holiday right?

I have also been focusing on RL for a bit. I have been doing an English course and i’m  having my exams for that over the next few weeks then i will be doing a maths course!
I have also still been working on my weight loss goals and have now lost a grand total of 77 lbs, It’s definitely slowed down a bit lately but i think that’s partly due to the time of year, roll on the summer, be much easy to enjoy light salads then, winter makes it harder to resist those carbs!

SL wise i have undertaken THE CHORE.. and in capitals because it really it a big chore, of cleaning up my inventory once and for all, so i may do a few posts but i really want to get it to a place i’m happy with before i get really into the blogging game again… when i say once and for all i mean it everything in its right place all the junk thrown out! Its gone down from 55k  to 45K so far so still a way to go, it’s the folders in folders that get me, just when you think you got somewhere you open a folder with 50 others in!

In all i just wanted to do this post to let you know in the coming weeks i will be back a bit more..  but blogging is purely for my enjoyment these days so i have no commitments to do unless i want too.. but after a 3 month break the withdrawals have kicked in some what!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow me! I appericate every single one of you and i will see you soon!!

Skyla ♥

Where have you been?!

It’s cold outside!

Hey all,

I was going to try and refrain from saying i’m so busy for once when i start my post, but .. it’s the truth so busy lol.. esp with christmas well and truly on the way!!

A strange christmas for me this year as the first without my dad but in weird that has made me look forward to it more.. like appreciate the people and family time more cause you never know what will happen!

I will try to do a few posts over the next week or so then i will be away then christmas and new year so we will see what happens!

It's cold outside!

Hair: Blizzard Magic/Mix Spellbound @ The Arcade
Skin:  Ariel Medium 02 Essences
Shape: My own (For sale here)
Top: Flake Sweater – Grey Fishy Strawberry @ The Dressing Room
Pants: Snowday Pants Grey Fishy Strawberry @ The Dressing Room.
Shoes: Kiki Sneakers  Pink Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Dog: Waiting for Santa Paws  ReinDog  Companion Omen @ The Arcade
Pose: It’s cold outside 2 & 3 Image Essentials @ Winter Trend (30% 0ff)
Location: Frisland Winter

It’s my party!

Hello all,


I hope all my lovely American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving, normal day for us here in uk.. but it interesting to see all the lovely posts on social media of people with their families and the nice yummy food they made!

Now for Christmas .. 4 weeks today i believe! My tree up but naked waiting till the 1st to pull out all the decorations! hehe

I need to save my money’s the arcade starts on tuesday O.M.G.. Love alll the christmassy gachas!

Ok so another post for the this amazing round of my attic, The theme for the round hence the title is “It’s my party”

It's my party!//

Hair: Scope Little Bones (Group Gift)
Skin:  Ariel Medium 02 Essences
Shape: My own (For sale here)
Necklace: Partytime Onyx Elysium  @ My Attic
Nails: Glitz n Glam Rock Candy @ My Attic
Dress: Tea Party Dress with Neck corset Even.flow  @ My Attic
Pose: Himawari 7 Kirin @ My Attic

Location: Energy Club

How long should i wait.

Hello and Happy weekend all!

I have been out today and bought a brand new christmas tree ..  lol
Its not up yet but first time we have had a nice big tree, I’m looking forward to making it look all pretty in a couple of weeks!

A new round of my attic started today, with the theme of “It’s my party!” I have so many goodies to show you over my new few posts so much cute stuff!
So to start is a gorgeous hair, outfit, and shoes.

All deets below… ♥

How long should i wait.

Hair: Roberta  EMO-tions @ My Attic
Skin:  Ariel Medium 02 Essences
Shape: My own (For sale here)
Outfit: You Used to Hold Me (with hud) Lavian @ My Attic
Shoes: Ciao Black Bushu  @ My Attic
Pose: Nina Pose 2  Kirin poses
Location: Saint Pete City

No mistakes only lessons.

Hello all!

Hope we are all well out there today!?
I’m a busy bee as always these days, but still i will always find time for SL shopping and blogging! lol
I’m wearing a mesh head today hence why i look different, I’m not going to lie; I’m not the biggest mesh head fan, I haven’t paid out for a more expensive one as i know i wouldn’t wear it enough for the price, but these gacha ones are defo worth the money if you fancy a different look for a change!
I’m actually avoiding doing coursework by blogging so after this i must focus on that!
I hope you enjoy.. all deets below
Sky ♥

No mistakes only lessons.

Hair: Glycerin  Ombres Mithral @ Kustom9
Head: Angie 2.0 Smile Cream (With Skin) Genesis Lab @ Kustom9 ( Gacha 99L$ per play)
Shape: My own (For sale here)
Top 1: Vicki Tank Fishy Strawberry @ Kustom9
Top 2:  Vicki Sweater Fishy Strawberry @ Kustom9
Pant: Laura High Rise Jeans Addams 
Shoes:  Samantha Booties (Smoke) Fri. (Fifty Linden Friday Item Join Group for weekly notecard!)

Pose: Rini Pose 2 Kirin Poses
Location: Saint Pete City

Autumn winds

Hello all

Another post that matches the weather here, the wind has really picked up, especially where i live as its quite open and flat, first time i have thought about needing to start pulling out the gloves.. Brrrrrr!!

This is mainly a post focused on one event but lots of gorgeousness there as always!!

All deets below as always

Skyla ♥

Autumn winds.//

Hair: Early Sunset (hat is part of hair) Exile @ C88
Skin:  Ariel Medium 02 Essences
Shape: My own (For sale here)
Outfit: Autumn coat with skirt Black (with hud for top and skirt) Zenith  @ C88
Shoes:  Leather knee boots Black (with hud for socks) Ison @ C88

Pose: Yuka 1 Kirin poses.
Location: Warm Springs 

Autumn, The year’s last, loveliest smile.

IT’s all a farce, — these tales they tell
About the breezes sighing,
And moans astir o’er field and dell,
Because the year is dying.
Such principles are most absurd, —
I care not who first taught ’em;
There’s nothing known to beast or bird
To make a solemn autumn.
In solemn times, when grief holds sway
With countenance distressing,
You’ll note the more of black and gray
Will then be used in dressing.
Now purple tints are all around;
The sky is blue and mellow;
And e’en the grasses turn the ground
From modest green to yellow.
The seed burrs all with laughter crack
On featherweed and jimson;
And leaves that should be dressed in black
Are all decked out in crimson.
A butterfly goes winging by;
A singing bird comes after;
And Nature, all from earth to sky,
Is bubbling o’er with laughter.
The ripples wimple on the rills,
Like sparkling little lasses;
The sunlight runs along the hills,
And laughs among the grasses.
The earth is just so full of fun
It really can’t contain it;
And streams of mirth so freely run
The heavens seem to rain it.
Don’t talk to me of solemn days
In autumn’s time of splendor,
Because the sun shows fewer rays,
And these grow slant and slender.
Why, it’s the climax of the year,—
The highest time of living!—
Till naturally its bursting cheer
Just melts into thanksgiving.

Merry Autumn – Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Autumn, The year's last, loveliest smile.//

Hair: Ema Dark Wilds Pr!tty @ Chapter Four
Skin:  Ariel Medium 02 Essences
Shape: My own (For sale here)
Necklace: Broken heart necklace Le Forme
Top:  Diana sweater – Quartz Alaskametro @ Sad November
Skirt: Rafiki Skirt Tan Moose Clothing
Tights: Kat crochet knit tights olive Alaskametro @ Sad November (25L)
Shoes:  Fringe Boots- Tan Reign  @ Sad November

Location: The Trace Too